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 Our Achan's Message.

Dearly Beloved,


As I mentioned to you all on Sunday. The Holy 3-Day Fast begins on January 17th, with the evening prayers. The fast in food begins only on Monday morning, and ends Thursday morning.


Please use these 3 days to fast and pray for yourself, your families, and our parish (especially our  renovations).


I have attached the english prayers for all 3 days. The prayers are a bit longer than what we may be used to- but doing them in their entirety will be a great blessing. At the very least, do as much as you can.


Please also note that the Service of Reconciliation will be held at our church on Sunday Feb 7th at 3:00pm onwards. 


Please pray for my journey- God willing, I will be placing the order for some of the things we will need in our new church building...please please pray for God's blessing and guidance in all things.


You are all in my thoughts and prayers.



With love and prayers,

+ Achen

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