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Welcome to St.Thomas Indian Orthodox Church, Connecticut.


We are the Connecticut parish of the North East American Diocese of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church. Growing since 2010, ours is a community united by a mix of young hearted faithful-orthodoxy and fun-fellowship. We are located in Newington, a central location to the entire State of Connecticut. 

Our Vicar, Rev. Fr. Kuriakose (Alex) Abraham  leads our congregation in Sunday Mass and prayers. Our faithful also gets to congregate during Prayer meetings held once a month on Saturdays. 



Sunday School classes are full of activities, for spiritual learning and fun for the kids. We also organize activities for relief & aid, community outreach, charity and internal community development. 

​Regular Schedule*

Wednesday 06:30pm Sandhya Namaskaram

Saturday 06:00pm Sandhya Namaskaram

Sunday   08:30am  Namaskaram

                 09:30am  Holy Qurbana

                 11:30am  Sunday School

Upcoming Events 
Saturday March 16th, Lenten Retreat.

Orthodox-Diocesesan Links

Malankara Orthodox Church

North East American Diocese

​STIOC Resources










Our Faith & Liturgy

The Church, though modern in its vision and outlook, keeps the traditional Orthodox faith and liturgy. It accepts the first three Ecumenical Synods. In earlier days, the liturgy used by the Church was adopted from the Persian Church, which had to be abandoned at the Portuguese compulsion at the end of 16th century.

The liturgy now in use is the translation of the Syrian liturgy adopted from the Antiochian (Syrian or Antiochian) Orthodox Church in the 17th century. Today the Church uses Malayalam as liturgical language in Kerala, respective local languages in other parts of India, and English in outside India. Use of syriac words like ‘Barekmor’ and Kurielaison’ are common in all the translations.

The Indian Orthodox community inherited many aspects of Indian civilization and they are like any other member of any community in India, in their customs, manners and life style.

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